Scientists states that the very early stage of the human evolution began with an ape. The end result of the development of the intelligence, and the functioning of the brain has made the current human being. Humans are intelligent and has a developed understanding system. The greatest development in the history of man kind is the computer. The computer is a machine that functions with an artificial intelligence system. This provides us with many uses and information that helps the development of man kind. Computers are quicker than human beings in performing their function. This therefore is easy and is also time consuming. The very first computer was found in around the eighteenth century and this was a turning point in the field of technology. The use of computers vastly in a country meant that, the country was economically stable and developed. This is because, with the invention of the computer came many developments in the fields of employment, education and also medicine. 

In the field of employment.

The invention of computers changed the whole perspective of one’s aspect about doing the impossible. Man being able to create a machine which works on its own once it is manually switched on was mesmerizing. However, the best thing about the invention of computers is that it opened the gate way for many job opportunities. We would have never heard about a Personal Computer technician or a computer engineer unless there were computers in the first place. This also helped to stabilize the economy of a country.

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In the field of education.

The invention of computers was a turning point in the field of education. This is because people were able to learn and know about things quicker than they ever expected. This also became a subject in the school educational system. Computers are used in all fields such as medicine, engineering, agriculture and so on. This helped to build a society which is influenced and established in the area of technology. The computers are also used to store information of students, and other important school details. This would help the school if they want to browse through a child’s history as these documents are saved and stored in the computer forever.

In the field of science and medicine.

The computers help largely in the field of science. Computers are quicker than human beings and therefore it is useful in the process of researches. We can also collect useful information regarding to various sciences using web browsers such as Wikipedia, or Google. These are quicker than reading a book and is time consuming. One can easily type the exact issue he or she is looking for and get many results suggesting a solution within a very limited time period.

The Advancement Of Computers And The Advantages