As time passes we all grow up and then continue to grow old. Old age is something we will all hopefully have to and have the privilege of facing. However, before one comes to that stage, there are certain duties we need to fulfill as daughters and sons, as fathers and mothers and as a spouse. There are other duties we need to offer to society and our places of work as good employees. However, with all these responsibilities and while following this rat race that we call life, we forget that we have a duty to ourselves, to live a happy and fulfilling life. While this article is nowhere complete enough to help analyze a person’s life and what one must do to feel fulfilled, here are a few things we feel you need to complete as a person and in handling the duties and responsibilities put forward by society and our loved ones.
Duty to your Children
The reason many function and power through a demanding work day is to provide for their children. While it is important to follow one’s dreams and find our special calling, once you become a parent you become responsible for the life of another person. It is important that you understand this fact and work accordingly. Thus, when they are young, savor each moment of your child’s life and cherish the special moments while still making sure to provide food for the dinner table. Make sure to leave something behind for the children, a good value system along with any monetary gains. A small tip would be to purchase a will kit and get hold of one of the many will solicitors to handle your assets for you before it is too late. There is never a date too early for this and no superstitions involved.
Duty to our Parents
As children we have a duty to our parents. Firstly to follow the values they have passed on to us and to protect whatever the small things they have given us. Living a good and responsible life is a reflection on our parents and how they have taught us and the value systems they have passed on. We are not qualified enough to judge our parents and their actions during a different time and place, thus, even if you feel you have a horrible life as a child, it is your duty to provide for your parents. Visiting them from time to time and spending time with them is a duty you are fulfilling unto yourself and to them. Make sure to grab those special moments when you can and when they are able and also to pass on the values of looking out for your elders to your children in turn through action rather than words alone.

Duties To Fulfill With Age