Every business works on attraction and retention of customers and by retaining, they intend to create a loyal set of customers who would stick to them without switching into other products or services offered by the competitors. We all have been customers and in that perspective, we know how much of information we get in a day by accessing the net. It can be through social media platforms, online journals, articles, weekly or monthly subscriptions in newsletters, packages, YouTube channels and many more. This information is what makes us switch from our regular products into new items. 

In 1997,there had been around 1 million sites online and 10 years later, it had jumped into 150million, in 2007, there had been 1 million mobile sites and it’s expected to be 150 million by the year of 2017. These statistics prove to us that in time to come; more mobile optimized portals will be made for better access to customers. We already see how mobiles have taken over the personal computers and as businesses, if you don’t adapt to change, you will have the least chance to survive. They say that it is not the strongest animal who survives, but the most adaptable to change and so do in business industry.

Imagine yourself as a customer who is in search of a land and while you were taking a long train ride, if you start searching for it online, business that have mobile optimized applications and sites have better access to you and not only that, the real estate mobile website design will also have a great impact on your purchase decision. You might not decide a place right way but even to bring your property to their attention requires the availability on a smartphone plus the design. If you are a business that has no portal adjusted to the phone, you’ll be losing the competition right away. Prior to the knowledge of designing it properly, it’s best to know why such optimization is needed.

 Smartphones

The growth in smartphones is one of the main reasons to adjust sites to them. They are highly affordable and majority uses some kind of smartphone which gives them instant access to internet. It’s obvious that people having a device with internet will be browsing for several products and services which in turn make it a reason for businesses to be available to them.

 GPS Usage

People use the GPS whenever they travel and not being in the reach to be accessed to your place of business through their phones is not going to benefit you at all. If you are trying to find an apartment that was online and when you attempt to spot it on your phone if you figure out that it’s not available or the real estate mobile website design has poor navigation while interacting with the page, you’re more likely to drop that out. If you need a reliable software on finding the right apartment browse this website for details.

 Lifestyles

People do travel a lot, the work long hours and rather than carrying laptops all over, they’d prefer to browse whatever store online on their phones. Businesses must adapt to such change to last in the industry.

To be a business that makes their customers to stay and not stray, must use better enhanced strategies and tools of technology not only to survive but to grow in its operations.


Customer Retention – Stay, Don’t Stray